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Project : Reservoir Shahdag for Artificial Snow Making System
Client : Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Culture & Tourism -DIA Holding
Country : Azerbaijan
Project Period : 2011

By snowmaking systems it is possible to extend the snow availability from winter to all four seasons. Reservoir, Pump Station and Pipeline are needed to be constructed for this system. High pressure water and compressed air are required for the production of artificial snow. Stored water in the reservoir is supplied to the pipeline by means of submerged pumps.Reservoir Shahdag is the main point of the snowmaking system and is used for the water storage in order to guarantee a fast production of artificial snow for the snowmaking areas. The existing layout leads to a useable water capacity of 159.000 m³. The slope gradients vallyside are between 1 :2,3 and 1:2,5. The max height of dam crest above dam base is 24 m. The reservoir is equipped with a membrane sealing. Among the membrane sealing, there is an area draining system, which is made of crushed stone at the bottom. Bentonite layer a strength of 50 cm. has been designed at the complete bottom area. Above the Membrane sealing, there is a protective fleece an a gravel layer, strength 20 cm. There is a wave pounding protection made of woven coir to protect the lakeshore.

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